Head Start


To be eligible for Head Start Services, families must reside in San Joaquin County, have a child age 3-5 years old by September 1 and me the eligibility criteria guidelines.  To find out if you're eligible please contact Family Resource and Referral at (209) 461-2970. 


Families must complete the basic application and eligibility piece at Family Resource and Referral at (209)461-2970. 


Once a family has been approved and accepted, all families must complete required paperwork including all District, State, and Head Start forms in order to start school.  



What you should bring:


- Residence verification

- TB Clearance of any adult helping in the classroom

- Physical exam dated within the last 12 months with the following information, we will provide the form:

     - Blood Pressure

     - Height and Weight

     - Hearing and Vision Screening

     - Blood Lead Test

     - Blood Lead Risk Assessment
     - Hemoglobin/Hematocrit

     - TB Risk Assessment OR TB Test Results 

- Dental Exam dated with the last 12 months

- IEPs (if applicable)

- Custodial Paperwork (if applicable)

- Medical Forms for any diagnosed health conditions